My Heroin Addict

I read comments about addiction and I keep my mouth closed. I see uninformed posts regarding narcan and I keep my mouth closed. I hear all drug dealers should be sentenced to death and I keep my mouth closed. I see horrible comments like “natural selection” and “let them weed each other out” and I keep my mouth closed. I’m not sure who people picture when they think of heroin addicts, so, I’d like to introduce you to mine.

My heroin addict weighed 7 lbs when he was born.

My heroin addict collected hockey cards and memorized all of the players’ names when he was 5 years old.

My heroin addict cried because his dad missed his 7th birthday.

My heroin addict held his baby sister for the first time and was in awe.

My heroin addict played 2nd base in the little league World Series. Twice.

My heroin addict broke up with a girl in middle school and was so concerned about her that he had me call her.

My heroin addict took his little sister to the father/daughter dance because her dad was out of town.

My heroin addict threatened to beat up a kid bigger than him for picking on his sister.

My heroin addict always noticed if I changed my hair.

My heroin addict was reading at a high school level in 2nd grade.

My heroin addict is loved by so many people.

So, maybe we should all remember, whatever state they’re in today, there is a mom somewhere, with knees bleeding from prayers, that just wants her baby back. Maybe instead of judging, we say a prayer. Maybe we become a bit more educated and help raise funds to help recovery facilities become more successful. Maybe we contact our lawmakers and request more useful laws concerning addiction.

Maybe we try to remember that every heroin addict is someone’s child.

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  1. It’s so easy to dehumanise and that right there is why the circle doesn’t end. Even if you escape the addiction it is almost impossible to shake the stigma and mistrust. They say inside every fat person is a skinny person longing to get out – whilst I don’t agree with that I do think that inside every addict is a lonely scared person just wanting to be loved and trusted. We all need to stop giving a dog a bad name and hanging it.

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  2. Your posts so move me. Your intelligence and sensitivity and raw vulnerability are powerful. I appreciate your willingness to put a human face on a difficult situation and I so hope you all find your way through this darkness.

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      1. How tough it must be to have jail feel less scary than out of jail. And given the demons he faces, I get it. The bars in jail keep the demons that threaten him away. Maybe this month will give you a chance to sleep a little easier.

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  3. I believe all of that promise remains inside Nathan! He is so blessed to have the love and support of a devout mother, precious daughter and family that kneels, stands and lovingly holds the line!

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