My First Intervention



Yes.  We were on vacation.  A pretty expensive vacation in Destin, FL with a lot of people.  My entire family plus a couple of extras (that made 8 of us), my sister’s family, my best friend’s family, and 2 cousins and their families.  We rented this huge house across the street from the beach.  It was beautiful and it was awesome  I looked forward to this vacation for months.

So, it starts like this – my husband was working on a job in Jacksonville, FL at the time, so my daughters and I drove down to start our vacation a few days early.  I hadn’t seen my husband in a while, he traveled a lot, so I was really excited.  The first night we’re there we have a get together with his crew and start drinking.  Vodka and Red Bull.  I didn’t want to drink beer, so I drank something with fewer calories.  Sure.  That’s why I was drinking vodka.  Needless to say, my husband and I end up in a fight.  I don’t remember why but I remember him telling me I was mean when I drank vodka.  This just made me mad. He was drinking it too.  Anyway, we made up, enjoyed the next few days in Jacksonville and headed to Destin.

First night we were all drinking heavily and I got mad at my cousin.  I thought she had slighted me by leaving me out of a round of shots.  It’s stupid, I know, but, hey, I was drunk.  So, I grab my sister and my other cousin and we go walk on the beach.  I hurt my cousin’s feelings because I was being a brat.  Great way to begin the week.

My husband was travelling back and forth between the job and the vacation house.  So I had a lot of time to drink all I wanted.  I started each day with a big cup of wine.  (like 3/4 of the bottle fit in the cup).  By the time we got to the beach I was already on my way to a good drunk and there we just drank beachy drinks.  One day I passed out in the sun and had the worst burn imaginable.  Served me right.  On Thursday night of the trip, my husband took me to the beach alone and told me they were all worried about my drinking.  That my youngest daughter was the one who initiated the conversation.  At first I was so mad that they were talking about me behind my back.  Everyone was drinking a lot.  But truthfully, not as much as I was.  I cried.  Hard, ugly tears.  I told him I had a problem but that I would take care of it.  He told me if I quit drinking, he would quit smoking.  I talked to my kids.  Apologized for my behavior.  We left a day early and my daughter went to my sister’s instead of coming home.  My stomach felt sick.  I did quit drinking that day.  For 2 whole weeks.  Then I started sneaking vodka whenever I could.  As a couple we began drinking again in February of the next year.  We lasted about 6 months or so.

Here’s one I wish I could do over.  Hopefully, we’ll get the chance.