“I’m sorry you had to go through that”

“I’m sorry you had to go through that”

This is the response I’ve been getting from many lately that read my story.  Yes.  I was depressed.  Yes, it sucked.  Yes, I tried to commit suicide.  Yes,  I was pretty dark before I got better.


But I’m not sorry.  Before my addiction and depression I was a mom and a wife and a daughter and a friend and a sister and all the labels that one has that I thought made me.  I lived my life letting life happen to me.  I got up and I followed the rules of society doing all those things that a mom, wife, daughter, etc. is supposed to do.  I existed.  Life happened to me.


Since the moment I started really trying to heal, I started working on me,  on my spiritual life, on my soul.  I started trying to fill my life and be better from the inside out.  I woke up to purpose.  First, I took inventory of the things I felt made me.  I made a list.  I began getting rid of the things I didn’t like about me.  I began fixing the things I could.  I try to leave every person I come into contact with feeling a little better than before.

I have purpose.  I live with intent.  Each day I wake up with a renewed intention of being awesome.  (and funny – I really am funny)  Prior to my breakdown, life happened to me and I responded to life.  Now, I happen to life, it responds to me.

Oh, yeah.  I almost forgot.  I’m happy.   So, while I appreciate the sentiment, I’m glad that I had to go through that.  I found me.


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  1. Amen!! Love, love, love this post. Our past and how we react to it is what has made us who we are now. Even the bad and ugly things can serve a purpose to get us to a more fulfilled and happy life. I love your attitude and your take on this. Keep going and keep sharing. You are taking responsibility for your life and inspiring others at the same time. So glad I found your blog.

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