Sparkling Facets

“You’re way more than your name! Way more than one label. I challenge you to find ten positive labels for yourself.
You’re a precious diamond, concentrate on all your sparkling facets”
Someone commented this to me a few days ago.  She’s pretty funny actually, I’ll see if I can figure it out and leave her blog info here.
I know.  Man, I know.  I am more than the label.   But the truth is, for close to ten years, even though I was doing all the right stuff, that label was eating me from the inside out.  It wasn’t big, like, oh my gosh I have to drink right now or I’m going to die.  I would have seen that and gotten help right away.  It was slow and steady and progressive.  If a train is coming at you – you jump out of the way.  If a car is coming around the corner, you might get hit because you didn’t see it.  I got hit by the car.  Little signs were there, but I didn’t see them.
10 positive labels
Well, first, I’m not much the sparkly type – so we won’t concentrate on that.
1.  Funny – seriously.  I am freaking funny.  I tell people all the time.  My husband says if I have to tell people, I am probably not really that funny.  That’s not true.  I’m hilarious.
2. Giving – even in my darkest times – I have always been about everyone else.  I love taking care of people – it makes me happy.
3. Loyal – for real.  If you are one of mine or a part of my “tribe”  you are mine.  I will fight for you no matter what.  I will sit with you and hold your hand or listen while you talk about nothing.
4. Smart – okay, I’m not the smartest person in the room, ever.  But I think being aware that I am not makes me a little smarter already.
5. Consistent – I think this is important.  I am consistent in my actions, I am consistent in what I believe.  You know what you’re getting because I’m not all over the place.  I haven’t always been, so it’s important for me to practice this.
6. Reliable – goes with consistent.  I do my best to show up if I say I am.  That means so much right now because for so long I wasn’t very reliable.
7. I don’t know, I’m kind of stuck now.  What I really am though, for the first time ever, is at peace.  Peace came when I stopped fighting so hard to find it.  I go back and remember the incidences because I never want to forget how bad it got when I stopped keeping God first.  I never want to forget how close I was to losing everything because it helps me appreciate the peace that much more.
So, while I don’t have sparkling facets,  I have peace.   So, while I might not be leaving fairy dust behind me, I really hope I am leaving peace.
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