So, I have always been fairly private.  If you look at my FB account you would say, but we know when you’re on vacation, we know your kid made honor roll, etc.  I don’t share my problems with the world.   I never shared them with anyone.  I had this friend that if you were in the room with her, you knew her life story, the good, the bad and the ugly.  With me, I never saw the point in showing the ugly or the bad.

When I started my journey in recovery, at the beginning I really didn’t tell anyone I was going to meetings.  This was my ordeal and mine to fix.  My family knew.  (honestly my family was making me go)  I didn’t speak at a meeting for a month.  Never introduced myself.  As soon as the meetings were over I bolted.  The first time I said,”my name is Bobbie and I’m an alcoholic” my voice cracked.

All of this is to say, being open about my alcoholism isn’t easy for me.  Last night, someone in a recovery/writing group shared a post about me and my works and my recovery on FB.  My heart was pounding.  I was literally shaking, knowing that my recovery (which subsequently means my alcoholism) was being announced to the world.  I thought I could throw up.  I wanted this.  I want people to know we recover.  I want them to know there is a better life.  It’s just a lot easier with strangers behind a keyboard in an anonymous forum.


So, here I am.  Flaws and all.  MY NAME IS BOBBIE AND I’M AN ALCOHOLIC.

9 thoughts on “Vulnerabilities”

  1. I love the vulnerability of your blog. I know for me, my blogging is a type of therapy for me and helps me to work through things. I pray this journey will be the same for you. I’m proud of you – you CAN do this!

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  2. I can relate! Great post and I am loving your blog. Even though i have been blogging for about 6 months, I am super new to this blogger world and have barely gotten my feet wet with it all. I am so glad I found your blog. Thanks for the follow too! 😊

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  3. Hi Bobbie! Thank you for dropping by my blog and for following. I’m glad to reciprocate. No-one should ever make light of an addiction, or blame the addict. Tip – if I’m qualified to give one, and that’s never stopped me before? Avoid the zealots. When you’re mired in a pool of ordure you don’t need anyone preaching from the benefit of dry land, you need someone with a ladder. All the best to you.

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