Past Vacations

We went to Destin with family in 2009 or 2010.  Stayed in a condo with my cousin and her family.  Took our daughters and my son.

This was the beginning of my total all out drinking.  I already drank too much in the evenings.  I never knew that on vacation, people just drank from morning until evening.  Bloody Mary’s, orange juice and something.  We were making big drinks in the morning and taking them to the beach with us.  I felt like the mother ship had called me home.

I could drink all out, in front of people and everyone else was doing it too.  My husband wasn’t wild about it.  It seemed that everyone took a day off except me.  I didn’t need to.  My body was used to all the alcohol, just not in this manner.  He asked me during this trip “don’t you ever stop?”   It was vacation, I didn’t have to.

This was actually a fun vacation.  No fighting.  My kids didn’t get mad at me or embarrassed.  I didn’t create a fight with my cousin or my husband.  It was the first like this and probably the last.  Because, as we know, alcoholism is progressive.  After this the vacations got ugly.  The drinking was more.

If I could go back and redo all those trips I certainly would.  Now, I just get to make new trips.  Trips I can remember.  Trips I can be proud of.