High school became a series of parties.  Drinking began almost as soon as school let out on Friday and ended Saturday night.  Usually spent the night at a friend’s so my parents wouldn’t know, but sometimes, just went home and to bed.  How they had no idea is beyond me.  One day, my best friend and I drank the entire way to school.  It was the last day and we walked to school.  We took vodka from a bottle of her parent’s and replaced it with water.  We somehow drank straight vodka.  We showed up late.  I had a final in Missouri history.  Sat down and the guy in front of me turned around, handed me a pack of gum and said, “you reek.”  I chewed the gum, passed my final and went to my next class.  I don’t remember much from the rest of the day, but I didn’t get caught.

I was a fake.  All through high school I was the good kid.  Student council, soccer, cheerleader.  Teacher’s trusted me.  At the same time, we were drinking Seagram’s 7 at our locker in a juice container.  At football games our drinks usually were coke and Jack Daniels.  And this began my habit of camouflaging my drinking.  Hiding it was the norm.  I went to church on Sundays.  Went to all of the church functions – sometimes with alcohol hidden somewhere.

Here’s where the on again off again began.  I would really get into church, so I would stop drinking.  For months I wouldn’t hang out with my drinking friends after school, just my church friends.  Then I would end up at a party and drink again.  My parents thought I never had a drink.  I had a 5th of Jack one time that for some reason I thought I should bring it in and hide it in my closet.  Of course, my mom could smell it.  I told her it was Susie’s.  The next day after our soccer game, Susie was sleeping at our house.  My mom made a snide remark, “she’s probably hung over.”  Many incidents like this occurred throughout my high school days.

I was a junior in high school when I was caught skipping school.  We went to a friend’s house.  Probably 10 or so of us.  We were playing quarters with beer that one of the guys was able to buy.  We get a phone call from Kathy’s brother.  My mom was looking for me.  Someone from Student Council needed me.  They called home.  I thought I had covered all of my bases.  I knew I was busted this day.  Went home.  Was drunk.  My mother was angry about the skipping school, but I had never done it before.  She grounded me for 2 weeks.  She never knew I was drunk.  My grounding lasted 1 evening.

So, I mostly stayed out of trouble.  I mostly never got caught.  When my friend Kathy’s parents were out of town, a bunch of us stayed with her at her house.  We pretty much drank every day.  Her mom found out.  Gave us a lecture.  Told us she was disappointed in us.  She never told my parents.

We were always able to get alcohol if we wanted it.  So we did.  Sometimes we had to pay for it, most of the time we didn’t.